• (British, America) IPA: /ˈstrʌɡəl/, [ˈstɹʌɡl̩]

struggle (plural struggles)

  1. A contortion of the body in an attempt to escape or to perform a difficult task.
  2. (figurative) Strife, contention, great effort.
Translations Verb

struggle (struggles, present participle struggling; past and past participle struggled)

  1. To strive, to labour in difficulty, to fight (for or against), to contend.
    During the centuries, the people of Ireland struggled constantly to assert their right to govern themselves.
  2. To strive, or to make efforts, with a twisting, or with contortions of the body.
    She struggled to escape from her assailant's grasp.
    • 1879, R[ichard] J[efferies], chapter II, in The Amateur Poacher, London: Smith, Elder, & Co., […], OCLC 752825175 ↗:
      Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out. Indeed, a nail filed sharp is not of much avail as an arrowhead; you must have it barbed, and that was a little beyond our skill.

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