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Pronunciation Pronoun
  1. (archaic, dialectal, literary or religion) glossary Nominative glossary singular of you. [chiefly up to early 17th c.]
    • 1611, The Holy Bible, […] (King James Version), imprinted at London: By Robert Barker, […], OCLC 964384981 ↗, Ephesians 5:14 ↗:
      [...] Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall giue thee light.
    • 1843 December 18, Charles Dickens, “Stave Four. The Last of the Spirits.”, in A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas, London: Chapman & Hall, […], OCLC 55746801 ↗, page 137 ↗:
      Oh cold, cold, rigid, dreadful Death, set up thine altar here, and dress it with such terrors as thou hast at thy command: for this is thy dominion!
  • French: tu
  • German: du, Du
  • Italian: tu
  • Portuguese: tu
  • Russian: ты
  • Spanish:
Pronunciation Verb

thou (thous, present participle thouing; past and past participle thoued)

  1. (transitive) To address#Verb|address (a person) using the pronoun thou, especially as an expression of contempt or familiarity.
    Synonyms: thee
    Antonyms: you
    Don’t thou them as thous thee! – a Yorkshire English admonition to overly familiar children
    • c. 1601–1602, William Shakespeare, “Twelfe Night, or VVhat You VVill”, in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies: Published According to the True Originall Copies (First Folio), London: Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed[ward] Blount, published 1623, OCLC 606515358 ↗, [Act III, scene ii], page 266 ↗:
      [T]aunt him with the licenſe of Inke: if thou thou'ſt him some thrice, it ſhall not be amiſſe, and as many Lyes, as will lye in thy ſheete of paper, although the ſheete were bigge enough for the bedde of Ware in England, ſet 'em downe, go about it.
    • Attorney. [{{w
    • 1888, Rudyard Kipling, “On the City Wall”, in In Black and White (A. H. Wheeler & Co.’s Indian Railway Library; no. 3), 5th edition, Allahabad: Messrs. A. H. Wheeler & Co.; London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, Ld., […], published 1890, OCLC 849518497 ↗, page 91 ↗:
      "One service more, Sahib, since thou hast come so opportunely," said Lalun. "Wilt thou"–it is very nice to be thou-ed by Lalun–"take this old man across the City—the troops are everywhere, and they might hurt him for he is old—to the Kumharsen Gate?["]
  2. (intransitive) To use#Verb|use the word#Noun|word thou.
    Synonyms: thee
    Antonyms: you
  • French: tutoyer
  • German: duzen
  • Italian: dare del tu
  • Portuguese: tutear, tratar por tu
  • Russian: ты́кать
  • Spanish: tutear
Translations Pronunciation Noun

thou (plural thous)

  1. (Britain, dated) A unit of length equal#Adjective|equal to one-thousandth of an inch#Noun|inch.
    Synonyms: mil
Pronunciation Noun

thou (plural thou)

  1. (slang) A thousand, especially a thousand of some currency (dollars, pounds sterling, etc.).
Pronunciation Adverb

thou (not comparable)

  1. Misspelling of though
  1. Misspelling of though

  1. Honorific alternative letter-case form of thou, sometimes used when referring to God or another important figure who is understood from context.

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