• IPA: /əˈfɹeɪd/


  1. (usually used predicatively, not attributively, be afraid) Impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear.
    He is afraid of death.
    He is afraid to die.
    He is afraid that he will die.
  2. (colloquial) regretful, sorry
    I am afraid I cannot help you in this matter.
  3. (used with for) Worried about, feeling concern for, fearing for (someone or something).
Synonyms Related terms Translations
  • French: effrayé
  • German: ängstlich
  • Italian: con paura
  • Portuguese: com medo
  • Russian: боя́щийся
  • Spanish: con miedo, con temor, con susto, asustado
  • German: bedauern (to be afraid); leider (unfortunately, regrettably)
  • Portuguese: temer (to be afraid)
  • Russian: бояться
  • Spanish: temerse que

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