• IPA: /ævɪd/, /ævəd/


  1. enthusiastic; keen; eager; showing great interest in something or desire to do something
    I'm an avid reader.
    • 1999, Larry Zuckerman, The Potato: How the Humble Spud Rescued the Western World
      A blanket disdain for indigenous foods doesn't explain the delay, because Spain was avid to adopt a different New World root.
    • 1996, Janette Turner Hospital, Oyster, Virago Press, paperback edition, page 3
      We waited for something to happen, for anything to happen, we were avid for some event to unfold itself out of the burning nothing to save us.
Translations Translations
  • German: sich verzehrend nach, sich sehnend, gierig
  • Italian: avido
  • Portuguese: ávido
  • Russian: а́лчный
  • Spanish: ávido

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