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  • enPR: ko͝ok'i, IPA: /ˈkʊki/
  • (sometimes in Northern England) enPR: ko͞ok'i, IPA: /ˈkuːki/

cookie (plural cookies)

  1. (North America) A small, flat, baked good which is either crisp or soft but firm.
    Synonyms: biscuit, bickie
  2. (UK) A sweet baked good (as in the previous sense) usually having chocolate chips, fruit, nuts etc. baked into it.
  3. (Scotland) A bun.
  4. (computing, internet) An HTTP cookie.
  5. (computing) A magic cookie.
  6. (slang, dated) An attractive young woman.
  7. (slang, vulgar) The female genitalia.
    • 2009, T. R. Oulds, Story of Many Secret Night, (2010), ISBN 9781409285816, unnumbered page ↗:
      Her legs hung over the edge and the large towel covered just enough of her lap to hide her 'cookie'.
    • 2010, Lennie Ross, Blow me, (2010), ISBN 9781257133819, page 47 ↗:
      If she wanted to compete in this dog-eat-pussy world, she had to keep up her personal grooming, even if it meant spreading her legs and letting some Vietnamese woman rip the hair off her cookie every other week.
    • 2014, Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda (Nicki Minaj song)" (Clean Version), The Pinkprint:
      Cookie put his butt to sleep, now he callin' me Nyquil.
  8. (slang, drugs) A piece of crack cocaine, larger than a rock, and often in the shape of a cookie.
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cookie (cookies, present participle cookieing; past and past participle cookied)

  1. (computing, transitive) To send a cookie to (a user, computer, etc.).

cookie (plural cookies)

  1. (dated, colloquial) Affectionate name for a cook.
    • 1954, Blackwood's Magazine (volumes 275-276, page 340)
      More than a little apprehensive myself, I went out to the kitchen. Cookie, deep in a murder story, rocked peacefully beside the glowing range.

cookie (plural cookies)

  1. (slang) A cucoloris.

Proper noun
  1. An endearing or condescending nickname.
    • Anyway, I went into the house and before I could get passed the bedroom, he called me. I hated him for calling me. He would say, “Come here, Cookie,” and for some reason, I was stupid and scared and I listened to this man.
    • 2003, "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", season 4, episode 18 of Futurama
      [Robot Devil's roulette with names of robots stops at his own name, "Robot Devil". As a result, he has to give his own hands to Fry.]
      Fry: Robot Devil? I get your hands? Zam!
      Robot Devil: Oh, what an appallingly ironic outcome.
      Bender: It's not ironic, it's just coincidental. Now fork over those lady-fingers, Cookie!

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