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  • IPA: /læd/
  • (unstressed, sometimes) (rare) IPA: /ləd/

lad (plural lads)

  1. (British) A boy or young man.
    cot en
  2. (British) A Jack the lad; a boyo.
    cot en
    I think he reckons he's a bit of a lad.
    Last night I was out drinking with the lads.
  3. A familiar term of address for a young man.
    Come here, lad, and help me shift these boxes.
  4. A groom who works with horses (also called stable-lad).
  5. (Ireland, colloquial) The penis.
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  • French: palefrenier
  • German: Stallbursche
  • Russian: помо́щник ко́нюха



  1. (anatomy, medicine) Abbreviation of left anterior descending artery}.

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