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  • (RP) IPA: /ˈmaʊntɪn/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˈmaʊntən/, /ˈmaʊntn̩/ IPAchar [ˈmãʊ̯̃(n)ʔn̩]


  1. (countable) An elevation of land of considerable dimensions rising more or less abruptly, forming a conspicuous figure in the landscape, usually having a small extent of surface at its summit.
    Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
    We spent the weekend hiking in the mountains.
    • 1611, The Holy Bible, […] (King James Version), imprinted at London: By Robert Barker, […], OCLC 964384981 ↗, Jeremiah 50:6 ↗:
      My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their restingplace.
  2. (countable) Something very large in size or quantity; a huge amount; a great heap.
    He was a real mountain of a man, standing seven feet tall.
    There's still a mountain of work to do.
  3. (attributive) Of, belonging to, relating to, or found on a mountain; like a mountain in size; (of living things) growing or living on a mountain.
    some mountain ranges; the high mountain top; a scenic mountain view; the mountain lodge; the leaves of mountain cranberries; a mountain goat
    • 2016, John Oliver, “Third Parties”, in Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, season 3, episode 26, written by Tim Carvell; Josh Gondelman; Dan Gurewitch; Jeff Maurer; Ben Silva; Will Tracy; Jill Twiss; Seena Vali; Julie Weiner, HBO, Warner Bros. Television:
      Okay… Okay, I-I-I’m still a little confused here. Did you actually climb Mount Everest? Or did you just dry-hump the side of it and then go home? “It was great! Now smell my finger! There’s still some mountain air on it!” What is wrong with you⁉
  4. (figuratively) A difficult task or challenge.
  5. (countable, slang) A woman's large breast.
  6. (cartomancy) The twenty-first Lenormand card.
  7. (uncountable) Wine made from grapes that grow on a mountain.
    • Called on Courtenay, with whom I walked to Hampstead Heath, and got into excellent spirits, enjoying fine fresh air; then dined with him tête-a-tête on mutton broth and mackerel and drank mountain and old port moderately.
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Proper noun
  1. A village in North Dakota.
  2. A town in Wisconsin.
  3. (historical, with "the") The Montagnard party in the time of the French Revolution.

mountain (plural mountains)

  1. (rail) a steam locomotive of the 4-8-2 wheel arrangement. swp 4-8-2
    • 1959, Steam's Finest Hour, edited by David P. Morgan, Kalmbach Publishing Co., page 106:
      quote en

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