• IPA: /pəˈdɛst.ɹi.ən/


  1. (not comparable) Of or intended for those who are walking.
    pedestrian crossing
    pedestrian zone
  2. (comparable, figurative) Ordinary, dull; everyday; unexceptional.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:common
    His manner of dress was pedestrian but tidy.
    a pedestrian life
  3. (dance) Pertaining to ordinary, everyday movements incorporated in postmodern dance.
    The choreographer prefers pedestrian movements.
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pedestrian (plural pedestrians)

  1. A walker; one who walks or goes on foot, especially as opposed to one who uses a vehicle.
    Synonyms: footer, footgoer, footfarer
  2. (dated) Specifically, an expert or professional walker or runner; one who performs feats of walking or running.
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