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sic (not comparable)

  1. Thus; thus written; used to indicate, for example, that text is being quoted as it is from the source.
    • Joseph Wright, his predecessor in the chair, called him ‘a firstrate Scholar and a kind of man who will easily make friends’ at Oxford (quoted, sic, in E.M. Wright, The Life of Joseph Wright (1932), p. 483).
    • 2010, Paul Booth, Digital Fandom: New Media Studies, Peter Lang ISBN 9781433110702, page 127
      Jim’s Interests: General: Working out, hanging out at the local bars, expanding my mind, eating Tuna Sandwhiches...or so I’m told and poker... Television: ... this show that’s on Thuresday nights at 8 :30pm... I can’t place the name of it but it has this crazy interview style thing...[all sic]
    • 2012, Milton J. Bates, The Bark River Chronicles: Stories from a Wisconsin Watershed, Wisconsin Historical Society ISBN 9780870206047, page 271
      whole bussiness: Quoted sic in George F. Willison, Saints and Strangers (New York: Reynal and Hitchcock, 1945)
Related terms
  • sic passim (used to indicate that the preceding word, phrase, or term is used in the same manner (or form) throughout the remainder of a text)
  • sic transit gloria mundi (fame is temporary; lit. “so passes the glory of the world”)
  • sic semper tyrannis (“thus always to tyrants”, a quotation attributed to Brutus at the assassination of Caesar, and shouted in reference by John Wilkes Booth after he assassinated Abraham Lincoln)
  • French: sic
  • German: sic, so
  • Italian: sic
  • Portuguese: sic
  • Russian: так
  • Spanish: sic

sic (sics, present participle siccing; past and past participle sicced)

  1. To mark with a bracketed sic.
    E. Belfort Bax wrote “… the modern reviewer’s taste is not really shocked by half the things he sics or otherwise castigates.”

sic (sics, present participle siccing; past and past participle sicced) catlangname en

  1. (transitive) To incite an attack by, especially a dog or dogs.
    He sicced his dog on me!
  2. (transitive) To set upon; to chase; to attack.
    Sic ’em, Mitzi.
  • German: hetzen
  • Russian: нау́ськивать
  • Spanish: azuzar
  • Russian: спуска́ть


sic (plural sics)

  1. (education, chiefly, South Carolina) Initialism of School Improvement Council

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