Pronunciation Adjective

sleek (comparative sleeker, superlative sleekest)

  1. Having an even, smooth surface; smooth
    sleek hair
    Synonyms: frictionless, silky, Thesaurus:smooth
  2. glossy
    Synonyms: glacé, sheeny, Thesaurus:glossy
  3. Not rough or harsh.
    Synonyms: civilized, classy, elegant, graceful, refined
  4. Slim and streamlined; not plump, thick, or stocky.
    Synonyms: lithe, svelte, Thesaurus:slender
Translations Translations Adverb


  1. (dated) With ease and dexterity.

sleek (sleeks, present participle sleeking; past and past participle sleeked)

  1. To make smooth or glossy; to polish or cause to be attractive.
Translations Noun

sleek (uncountable)

  1. That which makes smooth; varnish.

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