• IPA: /ˈstʌfi/

stuffy (comparative stuffier, superlative stuffiest)

  1. Poorly ventilated#Adjective|ventilated; partially plug#Verb|plugged.
    I can’t smell very well today – I have a stuffy nose.
    Let’s go outside – it’s getting stuffy in here.
  2. stout#Adjective|Stout; mettlesome; resolute.
  3. (US) Angry and obstinate; sulky.
  4. boring#Adjective|Boring, uninteresting, over-formal, pompous, very conventional.
    The stuffy professor droned on as the class lost interest.
  5. (Scotland) Stout; sturdy.
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stuffy (plural stuffies)

  1. (US, Canada, colloquial, often, childish) Synonym of stuffed toy#English|stuffed toy

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