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  • IPA: /dɛn/
  • (pin-pen) IPA: /dɪn/

den (plural dens)

  1. A small cavern or hollow place in the side of a hill, or among rocks; especially, a cave used by a wild animal for shelter or concealment.
    a den of robbers
    Daniel was put into the lions’ den.
  2. A squalid or wretched place; a haunt.
    a den of vice
    an opium den; a gambling den
  3. A comfortable room not used for formal entertaining.
    Synonyms: family room
  4. (UK, Scotland, obsolete) A narrow glen; a ravine; a dell.
  • (home of certain animals) lair
    See also: Wiktionary appendix of animal terms, including their homes
Translations Translations
  • Russian: прито́н
Translations Verb

den (dens, present participle denning; past and past participle denned)

  1. (reflexive) To ensconce or hide oneself in (or as in) a den.
  1. Abbreviation of denier#English|denier (a unit of weight)

den (not comparable)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of then#English|then, representing African-American Vernacular English.

Proper noun
  1. A diminutive of the male given name Dennis.

Proper noun
  1. (sports) Abbreviation of Denver#English|Denver.

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