Pronunciation Noun

loot (plural loots)

  1. (UK dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) A kind of scoop or ladle, chiefly used to remove the scum from brine-pans in saltworks.

loot (uncountable)

  1. The act of plundering.
    the loot of an ancient city
  2. plunder, booty, especially from a ransacked city.
  3. (colloquial, US) any prize or profit received for free, especially Christmas presents
    • 1956 "Free Loot for Children" (LIFE Magazine, 23 April 1956, p. 131 ↗)
  4. (video games) Items dropped by defeated enemies.
  • (plunder) seeSynonyms en
Translations Translations Verb

loot (loots, present participle looting; past and past participle looted)

  1. To steal, especially as part of war, riot or other group violence.
    to loot valuables from a temple
    • 1833 "Gunganarian, the leader of the Chooars, continues his system of looting and murder", The asiatic Journal and monthly register for British India and its Dependencies Black, Parbury & Allen, p. 66 ↗.
  2. To steal from.
    to loot a temple for valuables
  3. (video games) to examine the corpse of a fallen enemy for loot.

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