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  • (British, America) IPA: /ˈɹʌnɪŋ/

running (not comparable)

  1. Moving or advancing at a run.
    1. Of a horse, having a running gait; not a trotter or pacer.
  2. Present, current.
    running month
  3. Flowing; easy; cursive.
    running handwriting
  4. Continuous; ongoing; keeping along step by step.
    a running explanation
    • 1670, John Milton, The History of Britain, […] , London: Printed by J.M. for James Alleſtry, […] , OCLC 78038412 ↗:
      a running conquest
    • What are art and science if not a running commentary on Nature?
  5. Having a continuous design or pattern.
    running bond; running ornament
  6. Consecutive.
  7. (botany) Extending by a slender climbing or trailing stem.
    a running vine
  8. (medicine) Discharging pus.
    a running sore
  9. (of a nose) Discharging snot or mucus.
    a running nose
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running (not comparable)

  1. (informal) consecutively; in a row
    Mom's strawberry jam won the blue ribbon at the Holland County Fair three years running.
  • Portuguese: consecutivamente
  • Russian: подря́д
  • Spanish: consecutivo


  1. The action of the verb to run.
    His running of the business leaves something to be desired.
  2. The activity of running as a form of exercise, as a sport, or for any other reason
    Running is good exercise.
  3. That which runs or flows; the quantity of a liquid which flows in a certain time or during a certain operation.
    the first running of a still
  4. The discharge from an ulcer or other sore.
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  1. present participle of run#English|run
  1. (colloquial) Approaching; about; roughly.

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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