• (verb) enPR: ŭplĭftʹ, IPA: /ʌpˈlɪft/
  • (adjective, noun) enPR: ŭpʹlĭft, IPA: /ˈʌplɪft/

uplift (uplifts, present participle uplifting; past and past participle uplifted)

  1. To raise something or someone to a higher physical, social, moral, intellectual, spiritual or emotional level.
  2. (law, of a penalty) To aggravate; to increase.
  3. (aviation, travel) To be accepted for carriage on a flight.
  4. (NZ) To remove (a child) from a damaging home environment by a social welfare organization.
Translations Noun

uplift (plural uplifts)

  1. The act or result of being uplifted.
  2. (geology) A tectonic upheaval, especially one that takes place in the process of mountain building.
    • 1971, George Finiel Adams, ‎Jerome Wyckoff, Landforms (page 143)
      Recent uplift of the Maine and Oregon coasts has not been enough to "undrown" the larger valleys; the shorelines are still submergent.
  3. (colloquial) A brassiere that raises the breasts.
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