• (British) IPA: /ˈhɜː(ɹ)/, unstressed IPA: /ə(ɹ)/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈhɝ/, unstressed IPA: /ɚ/
  1. Belonging to her (belonging to that female, or in poetic or old-fashioned language that ship, city, season, etc).
    This is her book
    • 1928, The Journal of the American Dental Association, page 765:
      Prodigal in everything, summer spreads her blessings with lavish unconcern, and waving her magic wand across the landscape of the world, she bids the sons of men to enter in [...]
    • 2001, Betsy Gould Hearne, Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs, Simon and Schuster (ISBN 9780689841224), page 78:
      On top of the circle she wrote her name, Louise, just above where the 12 on a clock would be.
    • 2010, Andrew Lambert, Nelson: Britannia's God of War, Faber & Faber (ISBN 9780571265701):
      On 24 April Nelson rejoined his ship, her battle damage repaired ...
Translations Pronoun
  1. The form of she used after a preposition or as the object of a verb; that woman, that ship, etc.
    Give it to her (after preposition)
    He wrote her a letter (indirect object)
    He treated her for a cold (direct object)
    • February 1896, Ground-swells, by Jeannette H. Walworth, published in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine; page 183:
      "Then what became of her?"
      "Her? Which ‘her’? The park is full of ‘hers’."
      "The lady with the green feathers in her hat. A big Gainsborough hat. I am quite sure it was Miss Hartuff."
  • French: (after preposition) elle, (indirect object) lui, (direct object) la
  • German: (accusative) sie, (dative) ihr, (accusative) es, (dative) ihm
  • Portuguese: ela
  • Russian: её
  • Spanish: (after preposition) ella, (indirect object) le, (direct object) la

her (plural hers)

  1. (informal) A female person or animal.
    I think this bird is a him, but it may be a her.
    • Hélène Cixous
      […] daring dizzying passages in other, fleeting and passionate dwellings within the hims and hers whom she inhabits […]
  1. Honorific alternative letter-case form of her, sometimes used when referring to God or another important figure who is understood from context.

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