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Pronunciation Noun


  1. (uncountable, chiefly, North America) Edible, sweet-tasting confectionery containing sugar, or sometimes artificial sweeteners, and often flavored with fruit, chocolate, nuts, herbs and spices, or artificial flavors.
  2. (countable, chiefly, North America) A piece of confectionery of this kind.
  3. (slang, chiefly US) crack cocaine
Synonyms Translations Verb

candy (candies, present participle candying; past candied, past participle candied)

  1. (cooking) To cook in, or coat with, sugar syrup.
  2. (intransitive) To have sugar crystals form in or on.
    Fruits preserved in sugar candy after a time.
  3. (intransitive) To be formed into candy; to solidify in a candylike form or mass.
Translations Noun

candy (plural candies)

  1. (obsolete) A unit of mass used in southern India, equal to twenty maunds, roughly equal to 500 pounds avoirdupois but varying locally.
  • maunee
  • German: Candy
  • Portuguese: candil

Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. A pet form of the female given name Candace or Candice.
Proper noun
  1. (historical) The Mediterranean island of Crete.
    • 1567, Arthur Golding (translator), The XV Bookes of P. Ovidius Naso, entytuled Metamorphosis, London: Willyam Seres, Book 8, p. 97,
      Assure thy selfe that as for me I never will agree
      That Candie Joves owne foster place (as long as I there raigne)
      Shall unto such a monstruous Wight a Harbrow place remaine.
    • c. 1599, William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Act V, Scene 1,
      Orsino, this is that Antonio
      That took the Phoenix and her fraught from Candy;
      And this is he that did the Tiger board,
      When your young nephew Titus lost his leg:
    • c. 1619, John Ford (formerly attributed to Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher), The Laws of Candy, Act I, Scene 2,
      […] if to renown
      Your honours through the world, to fix your names,
      Like Blazing stars admir’d, and fear’d by all
      That have but heard of Candy or a Cretan,
      Be to deserve the approvement of my man-hood,
      Then thus much have I done:
    • 1709, Aaron Hill, A Full and Just Account of the Present State of the Ottoman Empire in All its Branches, London, Chapter 27, p. 218,
      CRETE, or Candy, as at present call’d, was taken by the Turks from the Possession of the brave Venetians, who defended it some Years against a constant Siege, and made the Place a bloody Purchase to the Turkish Army:
Related terms Proper noun
  1. (historical) The Kingdom of Kandy on the island now known as Sri Lanka; (by extension) the British colony of Ceylon on that island.
    • 1872, Punch, 20 January, 1872,
      Mr. W. H. GREGORY, the accomplished Member for Galway, goes to Ceylon as Governor. […] A pleasant exile, and a safe return, are Mr. Punch’s sweet wishes to him who departeth for Candy.
  2. (historical) The city of Kandy, the capital of that kingdom.
    • 1681, Robert Knox, An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon, London: R. Chiswell, Chapter 2, p. 5,
      The First is the City of Candy, so generally called by the Christians, probably from Conde, which in the Chingulays Language signifies Hills, for among them it is situated […]
Related terms Proper noun
  1. Surname
    • H. E. Bates
      Suddenly, to his horror, Mr Candy found himself in what Ma would have called a terrible two-and-eight.
    • 1985, Crash magazine, issue 14 (March), p.62
      The phone was then handed over to the other perpetrating programmer of SPECTACLE who described himself as 'the other Simon' who talked me through some of the program's low spots while Robin Candy punched the buttons on the Spectrum.

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