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boon (plural boons)

  1. (obsolete) A prayer; petition.
    • For which to God he made so many an idle boon […]
  2. (archaic) That which is asked or granted as a benefit or favor; a gift or benefaction.
    • 1881, The Bible (English Revised Version), James 1:17:
      Every good gift and every perfect boon is from above […]
    • 1872, James De Mille, The Cryptogram:[ ]
      I gave you life. Can you not return the boon by giving me death, my lord?
  3. A good thing; a blessing or benefit; a thing to be thankful for.
    Finding the dry cave was a boon to the weary travellers.
    Anaesthetics are a great boon to modern surgery.
  4. (UK dialectal) An unpaid service due by a tenant to his lord.
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boon (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Good; prosperous.
    boon voyage
  2. Kind; bountiful; benign.
    • John Milton
      Which […] Nature boon / Poured forth profuse on hill, and dale, and plain.
  3. Now only in boon companion: gay; merry; jovial; convivial.
    • John Arbuthnot
      a boon companion, loving his bottle
    • 1922 February, James Joyce, Ulysses, Paris: Shakespeare & Co.; Sylvia Beach, OCLC 560090630 ↗; republished London: Published for the Egoist Press, London by John Rodker, Paris, October 1922, OCLC 2297483 ↗:
      Episode 16
      --No, Mr Bloom repeated again, I wouldn't personally repose much trust in that boon companion of yours who contributes the humorous element, if I were in your shoes.
    • Les Misérables (musical), "Master of the House," second and third refrains, fifth line:
      (2) "Everybody's boon companion, / Everybody's chaperon#French|chaperon"; (3) "Everybody's boon companion: / Give[s] 'em everything he's got"
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  • Russian: до́брый
  • Russian: весёлый

boon (uncountable)

  1. The woody portion of flax, separated from the fiber as refuse matter by retting, braking, and scutching.
  • shive#Etymology_2|shive, shove

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