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insert (inserts, present participle inserting; past and past participle inserted)

  1. (transitive) To put in between or into.
    In order to withdraw money from a cash machine, you have to insert your debit card.
    To make your proof easier to understand, I recommend you insert a few more steps.
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insert (plural inserts)

  1. An image inserted into text.
  2. A promotional or instructive leaflet inserted into a magazine, newspaper, tape or disk package, etc.
    This software can print compact disc inserts if you have the right size of paper.
  3. A mechanical component inserted into another.
    a threaded insert
  4. (linguistics) An expression, such as "please" or an interjection, that may occur at various points in an utterance.
  5. (genetics) A sequence of DNA inserted into another DNA molecule.
  6. (television) A pre-recorded segment included as part of a live broadcast.
  7. (film, television) A close-up shot used to draw attention to a particular element of a larger scene.
    • 2013, David Bordwell, Narration in the Fiction Film (page 316)
      […] close-ups of her legs on the escalator, an insert of the emergency stop button (ARRET D'URGENCE), intercut close-ups of her glance and the cinema sign, […]
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  • French: encart
  • German: Beilage
  • Russian: (рекла́мная) вкле́йка
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insert (plural inserts)

  1. A key that when pressed switches between the overtype mode and the insert mode of a computer.

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