Pronunciation Noun

slough (plural sloughs)

  1. The skin shed by a snake or other reptile.
    That is the slough of a rattler; we must be careful.
  2. Dead skin on a sore or ulcer.
    This is the slough that came off of his skin after the burn.
  • Russian: вы́ползок
Translations Verb

slough (sloughs, present participle sloughing; past and past participle sloughed)

  1. (transitive) To shed (skin).
    This skin is being sloughed.
    Snakes slough their skin periodically.
  2. (intransitive) To slide off (like a layer of skin).
    A week after he was burned, a layer of skin on his arm sloughed off.
    • 2013, Casey Watson, Mummy’s Little Helper: The heartrending true story of a young girl:
      The mud sloughed off her palms easily […]
  3. (transitive, card games) To discard.
    East sloughed a heart.
  4. (intransitive, slang, Western US) To commit truancy, be absent from school without permission. (compare ditch)
    "Dude, Kaydn and Jarom are totally sloughing today!"
  • German: sich häuten, abwerfen
  • Russian: сбра́сывать
  • German: sich lösen
  • Russian: сходи́ть
  • Russian: сбра́сывать
  • German: schwänzen
  • Russian: прогу́ливать
  • (Australia, British):
  • (America): enPR slou, IPA: /slaʊ/, /sluː/

slough (plural sloughs)

  1. (British) A muddy or marshy area.
    • 1883 "That comed - as you call it - of being arrant asses," retorted the doctor, "and not having sense enough to know honest air from poison, and the dry land from a vile, pestiferous slough. — Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson
  2. (Eastern United States) A type of swamp or shallow lake system, typically formed as or by the backwater of a larger waterway, similar to a bayou with trees.
    We paddled under a canopy of trees through the slough.
  3. (Western United States) A secondary channel of a river delta, usually flushed by the tide.
    The Sacramento River Delta contains dozens of sloughs that are often used for water-skiing and fishing.
  4. A state of depression.
    John is in a slough.
  5. (Canadian Prairies) A small pond, often alkaline, many but not all formed by glacial potholes.
    Potholes or sloughs formed by a glacier’s retreat from the central plains of North America, are now known to be some of the world’s most productive ecosystems.
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Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. A town in east Berkshire (formerly Buckinghamshire), close to Heathrow Airport.
  2. A borough and unitary authority (Slough Borough Council) in Berkshire.

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