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snitch (snitches, present participle snitching; past and past participle snitched)

  1. (transitive) To inform on, especially in betrayal of others.
  2. (slang, transitive) To contact or cooperate with the police for any reason.
  3. (dated, transitive) To steal, quickly and quietly.
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  • French: moucharder
  • German: Spitzeldienste verrichten, Spitzeldienste erledigen

snitch (plural snitches)

  1. A thief.
  2. An informer, usually one who betrays his group.
  3. (British) A nose.
    • 1897, W.S. Maugham, Lisa of Lambeth, chapter 1
      'Yah, I wouldn't git a second-'and dress at a pawnbroker's!'
      'Garn!' said Liza indignantly. 'I'll swipe yer over the snitch if yer talk ter me. [...] "
  4. A tiny morsel.
    • 1963, Jack Schaefer, Monte Walsh, p 3
      "He pays for the food you eat," said the woman.
      "Yeah," said the boy. "And I earn every snitch doing everything ever gets done around here."
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  • Russian: нос

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