• (British) IPA: /ˈsʌk.ə/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˈsʌk.ɚ/
  • (Australia)

sucker (plural suckers)

  1. A person or animal that sucks, especially a breast or udder; especially a suckling animal, young mammal before it is weaned. [from late 14th century]
  2. (horticulture) An undesired stem growing out of the roots or lower trunk of a shrub or tree, especially from the rootstock of a grafted plant or tree. [from 1570s]
  3. A parasite; a sponger.
  4. An organ or body part that does the sucking; especially a round structure on the bodies of some insects, frogs, and octopuses that allows them to stick to surfaces.
  5. A thing that works by sucking something.
  6. The embolus, or bucket, of a pump; also, the valve of a pump basket.
  7. A pipe through which anything is drawn.
  8. A small piece of leather, usually round, having a string attached to the center, which, when saturated with water and pressed upon a stone or other body having a smooth surface, adheres, by reason of the atmospheric pressure, with such force as to enable a considerable weight to be thus lifted by the string; formerly used by children as a plaything.
  9. (British, colloquial) A suction cup.
  10. An animal such as the octopus and remora, which adhere to other bodies with such organs.
  11. Any fish in the family Catostomidae of North America and eastern Asia, which have mouths modified into downward-pointing, suckerlike structures for feeding in bottom sediments [from 1750s]
  12. (American, informal) A piece of candy which is sucked [from 1820s]; a lollipop [from 1900s]
  13. (slang, archaic) A hard drinker; a soaker.
  14. (American, obsolete) An inhabitant of Illinois.
  15. (American, obsolete) A migrant lead miner working in the Driftless Area of northwest Illinois, southwest Wisconsin, and northwest Iowa, working in Summer and leaving for Winter, so named because of the similarity to the migratory patterns of the North American Catostomidae
  16. (American, slang) A person who is easily deceived, tricked or persuaded to do something; a naive person [from 1830s]
    One poor sucker had actually given her his life’s savings.
  17. (informal) A person irresistibly attracted by something specified.
    A sucker for ghost stories.
  18. (obsolete, vulgar, British slang) The penis.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: suceur, suceuse
  • German: Sauger, Saugerin
  • Italian: aspiratore, succhiatore
  • Portuguese: sugador, chupador
  • Russian: сосу́н
Translations Translations Translations
  • German: Wurzelschössling, Wurzelbrut, Wurzelspross, Wurzeltrieb
  • German: Saugrohr, Absaugrohr
Translations Translations Translations Verb

sucker (suckers, present participle suckering; past and past participle suckered)

  1. (horticulture, transitive) To strip the suckers or shoots from; to deprive of suckers.
    to sucker maize
  2. (horticulture, intransitive) To produce suckers, to throw up additional stems or shoots.
  3. (intransitive) To move or attach itself by means of suckers.
    • 1961, Olympia (issues 1-4, page 83)
      I am now the octopus, mucus, held together by soft moist membrane, suckering everywhere.
    • 2017, Elizabeth Hand, ‎Bradford Morrow, Other Aliens
      He paused at the octopus tank. Clyde, our resident giant Pacific octopus, was suckering his way across the front panel.
    • 2018, TW Neal, Freckled: A Memoir of Growing up Wild in Hawaii
      I hold the octopus around the middle, suckering and so heavy, trying to crawl down my belly and legs to get away. I run to shore, trying to keep the tentacles off me, but it's too big and strong.
  4. (transitive, informal) To fool someone; to take advantage of someone.
    The salesman suckered him into signing an expensive maintenance contract.
Translations Noun

sucker (plural suckers)

  1. (slang, emphatic) Any thing or object.
    • 1984, Runaway (film): scene in a helicopter, around 5 min 20 sec
      RAMSAY: Dave, can you land this sucker?
  2. (slang, derogatory) A person.
    See if you can get that sucker working again.

sucker (plural suckers)

  1. (US, slang, dated, archaic) A native or denizen of Illinois.

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