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  1. And; sum of the previous one and the following one.
    Two plus two equals four.
    A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms plus one of oxygen.
  2. (colloquial) With; having in addition.
    I've won a holiday to France plus five hundred euros in spending money!
  3. And also; in addition; besides (which).
    Let's go home now. It's late, plus I'm not feeling too well.
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plus (plural pluses or plusses)

  1. A positive quantity.
  2. An asset or useful addition.
    He is a real plus to the team.
  3. (arithmetic) A plus sign: +.
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  • French: plus
  • Russian: плюс

plus (not comparable)

  1. Being positive rather than negative or zero.
    −2 * −2 = +4 ("minus 2 times minus 2 equals plus four")
  2. Positive, or involving advantage.
    He is a plus factor.
  3. (physics) Electrically positive.
    A battery has both a plus pole and a minus pole.
  4. (postpositive) (Of a quantity) Equal to or greater than; or more; upwards.
    The bus can fit 60 plus kids, but we only get 48.
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plus (pluses, present participle plusing; past and past participle plused)

  1. (informal) To add; to subject to addition.
  2. (often followed by 'up') To increase in magnitude.
  3. To improve.
  4. To provide critical feedback by giving suggestions for improvement rather than criticisms.
  5. (sales) To sell additional related items with an original purchase.
  6. (psychology) To frame in a positive light; to provide a sympathetic interpretation.
  7. (social media) To give a mark of approval on Google+.
  8. (homeopathy) To increase the potency of a remedy by diluting it in water and stirring.
  9. (optometry) To increase a correction.

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