• (America) IPA: /mʌk/

muck (uncountable)

  1. (slimy) mud, sludge.
    The car was covered in muck from the rally race.
    I need to clean the muck off my shirt.
  2. Soft (or slimy) manure.
  3. Anything filthy or vile. Dirt; something that makes another thing dirty.
    What's that green muck on the floor?
  4. grub, slop, swill
  5. (obsolete, derogatory) money
    • c. 1622, John Fletcher; Philip Massinger, “The Sea-Voyage. A Comedy.”, in Comedies and Tragedies […], London: Printed for Humphrey Robinson, […], and for Humphrey Moseley […], published 1647, OCLC 3083972 ↗, Act 5, scene 2:
      the fatal muck we quarrell'd for
  6. (poker) The pile of discarded cards.
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muck (mucks, present participle mucking; past and past participle mucked)

  1. To shovel muck.
    We need to muck the stable before it gets too thick.
  2. To manure with muck.
  3. To do a dirty job.
  4. (poker, colloquial) To pass, to fold without showing one's cards, often done when a better hand has already been revealed.
  • Italian: spalare letame, spalare, spalare merda
  • Russian: выгребать

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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