• (America) IPA: /ɹɪˈpɔɹt/
  • (RP) IPA: /ɹɪˈpɔːt/
  • (Australian) IPA: /ɹəˈpoːt/
  • (rhotic, horse-hoarse) IPA: /ɹɪˈpo(ː)ɹt/
  • (nonrhotic, horse-hoarse) IPA: /ɹɪˈpoət/

report (reports, present participle reporting; past and past participle reported)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To relate details of (an event or incident); to recount, describe (something). [from 15th c.]
  2. (transitive) To repeat (something one has heard), to retell; to pass on, convey (a message, information etc.). [from 15thc.]
  3. (obsolete, reflexive) To take oneself (to someone or something) for guidance or support; to appeal. [15th-18thc.]
    • 1485, Sir Thomas Malory, [;view=fulltext chapter ij], in Le Morte Darthur, book XVIII:
      thenne they ansuerd by and by that they coude not excuse the quene / […] / Allas sayd the quene I made this dyner for a good entente / and neuer for none euyl soo almyghty god me help in my ryght as I was neuer purposed to doo suche euylle dedes / and that I reporte me vnto god
  4. (transitive) Formally to notify someone of (particular intelligence, suspicions, illegality, misconduct etc.); to make notification to relevant authorities; to submit a formal report of. [from 15thc.]
    For insurance reasons, I had to report the theft to the local police station.
  5. (transitive) To make a formal statement, especially of complaint, about (someone). [from 19thc.]
    If you do that again I'll report you to the boss.
  6. (intransitive) To show up or appear at an appointed time; to present oneself. [from 19thc.]
  7. (ambitransitive) To write news reports (for); to cover as a journalist or reporter. [from 19thc.]
    Andrew Marr reports now on more in-fighting at Westminster.
    Every newspaper reported the war.
    • 2019, [ VOA Learning English] (public domain)
      In January, the country’s weather agency sent aircraft to release chemicals into clouds over the Yellow Sea, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported.
  8. (intransitive) To be accountable to or subordinate to (someone) in a hierarchy; to receive orders from (someone); to give official updates to (someone who is above oneself in a hierarchy).
    The financial director reports to the CEO.
    Now that I've been promoted, I report to Benjamin, whom I loathe.
  9. (politics, dated) To return or present as the result of an examination or consideration of any matter officially referred.
    The committee reported the bill with amendments, or reported a new bill, or reported the results of an inquiry.
  10. To take minutes of (a speech, the doings of a public body, etc.); to write down from the lips of a speaker.
  11. (obsolete) To refer.
    • Baldwin, his son, […] succeeded his father; so like unto him that we report the reader to the character of King Almeric, and will spare the repeating his description.
  12. (ambitransitive, obsolete, rare) To return or repeat, as sound; to echo.
    • 1626, Francis Bacon, Sylva Sylvarum, Or, A Naturall Historie: In Ten Centuries
      a church with windows only from above […] that reporteth the voice twelve or thirteen times
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  • French: rendre des comptes
  • Russian: отчи́тываться
  • Spanish: ser responsable, rendir cuentas
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report (plural reports)

  1. A piece of information describing, or an account of certain events given or presented to someone, with the most common adpositions being by (referring to creator of the report) and on (referring to the subject).
    A report by the telecommunications ministry on the phone network revealed a severe capacity problem.
  2. Reputation.
    • 1609, William Shakespeare, Sonnet 36:
      I love thee in such sort
      As, thou being mine, mine is thy good report.
  3. (ballistics) The sharp, loud sound from a gun or explosion.
    • 1851, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, chapter 34
      While their masters, the mates, seemed afraid of the sound of the hinges of their own jaws, the harpooneers chewed their food with such a relish that there was a report to it.
    • 1883, Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island:
      ...a pistol-shot, flash and report, came from the hedge-side.
  4. An employee whose position in a corporate hierarchy is below that of a particular manager.
    Synonyms: subordinate
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